Wednesday, October 29, 2008

When Dems Win on Taxes, Dems Win, Period

Despite the spectre of Joe the Plumber, Betty the Baker, Tony the Taxidermist, Peter the Pederast or any of the other Chaucer-like descriptions used by the McCain/Palin campaign to describe the working-class people that allegedly support their tax plan, it turns out that most Americans (or most Americans who participate in telephone polls, that is) are favoring the Obama plan.

Turns out that appealing to 95% of Americans by saying you'll lower their taxes, and saying that over and over again, while your opponent instead tries to explain how lowering taxes for 95% of people is a bad thing, garners you pretty solid public support with that 95% you are talking about helping.

McCain's "Joe the Plumber" argument is probably giving him some headway but interestingly, Obama still maintains a ten-point lead over McCain -- 51 to 41 percent -- on who voters trust more to handle the issue of taxes, according to the latest ABC News/Washington Post Poll.

The last Democrat to hold that sort of an advantage over his GOP opponent on economic issues going into an election: William Jefferson Clinton. And we see what a disaster for the economy that administration turned out to be. Let's just hope Obama doesn't leave us with a trillion dollar surplus or something absurd like that. We'll just spend it on booze.

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Warm Apple Pie said...

Because there's a huge disconnect. The battering ram of "Obama wants to raise taxes" cannot penetrate the gate of "Obama wants to give 95% of you a tax cut."