Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Potatoe Poll: Obama Out To A "Slight" Early Lead

Barack Obama: 14. John McCain: 0.

When did we become MSNBC? That's what I get for working with the Castro brothers and Che Guevara. Dan Quayle's Pink Potatoe. Barbara West just asked me if I recognize "religion is the opiate of the masses."

I feel sheepish like Fox News on debate night - even Hannity semi-cringed when he chimed "fair and balanced," then accounted for the "who won the debate" poll standing at McCain 89%, Obama 7% (4% undecided - yes, 4% of our brain-damaged brethren couldn't even form a ridiculous opinion on something they just witnessed).

C'mon, we have some neocon readers, right?

Where are the hawks, the jingoists, the firebrand zealots, the monocled fat cats, the log cabin GOPers, the Rovian ideologues, the average "Joes" - six-packing Joe, plumbing Joe, say it ain't so Joe, Joe Lieberman - the gun-clingers, the religion-clingers, the "Obama is an anti-American-Kenyan-Muslim-terrorist" propagandists, the Wasillians, Greta Van Susteren, Caylee Anthony, Victoria Jackson, the entire staff of Town Hall, the cynical air-quoters ("dick fingers" as John Stewart referenced them last evening), the grizzled folks wearing mesh trucker hats without a trucker's license and bleating about "dat der negra" running for president as a hot fug of Skoal and fear wafts from out behind corn kernel teeth? Anyone? Hello? Long live Barry Goldwater?

Warm Apple Pie is not a registered Democrat. I'm giddy over Obama, but I vote the man, not the party. I'm not a big fan of the Reid-Pelosi-Frank troika in the Congress to be sure. They are vindictive, spiteful knaves (Pelosi has impudent man servant traits) and are GOP blood-thirsty after eight years of incarceration (last two on work furlough). Obama shouldn't entertain their prate.

Give me one vote for McCain. Come on, my friends - endorsed by five former secretaries of state and he can name four of them.


Pat Bateman said...

I tried to vote but it told me that I was not properly registered due to my home foreclosure and something about my grandfather not being able to vote so I couldn't vote or some malarky. As I tried to tell that effing ACORN guy, my name REALLY IS Mickey S. Mouse. Oh sure, nobody questions if Coco Crisp or Milton Bradley's names are jokes, but oh boy, look at me... Mickey Mouse, must be some sort of voting scandal. Haven't I suffered enough for having cruel parents?

Warm Apple Pie said...

McCain is on the board!

Warm Apple Pie said...

Hmmm, McCain now has 7 more votes conciding with 7 visits from the greater Kansas City area - hmmmm.