Friday, October 31, 2008

Palin to Unnamed Sources: "Come Forward"; Unnamed Sources to Palin: "You don't really get how this works, do you?"

Sarah Palin, in a candid interview with Fox News (courageous of her to give an unvarnished and unscripted look into her life and views to such a fair and balanced network), said that she still holds out belief that she and John McCain are going to win.

"I truly believe that the wisdom of the people will be rebuilt on [Election Day]."

Now, I'm not sure what that means. I'm just a nuclear power safety engineer here in Springfield, so I don't know much 'bout history. But I'm pretty sure that doesn't make sense on several levels.

However, the real point was that Sarah Palin said that she is not going anywhere, win or lose. She's here for the long haul. Get used to her. (Tina Fey, if 30 Rock doesn't work out, looks like you'll have steady employment even after Tuesday. Phew...)

But Palin also took on the unnamed Republican sources that have said recently that she's "off message" or "rogue" or "a whack job." She showed her astute and canny understanding of the process, by challenging these shadow figures to come out and fight like a man. Woman. Whatever.

Palin insisted none of it is true, and she challenged the unnamed sources to come forward and say it to her face.

"I have never met any of those who I have heard to have written something or say something negative," Palin said. "I would love to meet these people, have a conversation instead of them superficially making a statement like that. It would be nice if they would take it a step further and at least interview me."

Now, I don't want to nitpick you Sarah, but unnamed sources don't "interview" you. They call reporters who then interview them. And unnamed sources generally don't meet you face to face in the yard at recess or after school. Generally the way it works is that they undermine you from within anonymously. I know that's difficult in Alaskan politics because everyone involved was on yearbook staff with you in Wasilla, so it doesn't take Nancy Drew to figure out who would say what. But here in clever-clever land, it's a little different. This has been happening for, oh, about two hundred or so years.

It is jarring that someone who insists that they're a ready-for-prime-time player is so acutely aware of detractors and clearly so rankled by them that she challenges them to step forward and confront her. If you are vice president or, Allah forbid, president, you will have several million detractors. Frankly, you already do. It's the nature of politics and a two party system. And you think every one of them within the government or even your own party should march into your office personally and give you a chance to catfight it out? Wow. Hope you saw Diggstown.

Sarah Palin: ready to lead America... and if you disagree, meet her behind science lab at 3 pm and say it to her face, punk.


Warm Apple Pie said...

Still unmoved on the Khalidi tape though? Is it the difference between a confidential source and a piece of Obama record handed over by a confidential source? That seems to be the import of your previous post.

Keith Olbermann wears Defective Pants

Pat Bateman said...

Yes, still unmoved. I think that unless it puts the SOURCE at risk, it should be turned over. This smacks to me of secrecy for secrecy's sake. I don't like it.