Friday, October 31, 2008

"The Miracle Of World History"

Al Gore returns to the crime scene in his estimation and campaigns for Barack Obama in Florida. "Take it from me . . . elections matter." Gore has 537 reasons to back that statement:

Never was a big fan of Gore. However, when he refers to the United States as the "Miracle of World History" there is a genuineness in his voice that uplifts.


Pat Bateman said...

DAMMIT AL... WHY DIDN'T YOU RUN, MAN!! God, I love that guy. If only he'd ever spoken like that in 2000 before the election, with eloquence, passion and conviction. Instead, we got Robo-Gore v.2000. WE'RE COMING BACK!!

damn sam said...

he would have been an interesting vp pick for obama. but i don't think he would have the same effect, wouldn't have garnered as much enthusiasm and passion.

Warm Apple Pie said...

You really get ga-ga over Fat Al? Eh, not so much for me. I don't respect voices that shed the quiver after the stakes were high. Get my drift - nothing heroic about bottling up when your moment comes.

Global Warming, help the environment, all fine-and-dandy. Blah blah blah says cynical McCain.