Friday, October 31, 2008

We Will Help You Pay For School Says Obama, Conservatives Cry Foul

Quick note: Listening to Townhall radio right now - i.e., "intelligent conservative radio," and no it's not an oxymoron - and Michael Medved leads in to a segment with a sound byte from Obama on the stump, warranting that his would-be administration will help America's youth pay for college.

Here's the snippet from Obama: "I will make college affordable for every American. Period."

Medved is apoplectic! America "moving in the direction of France or Sweden." Bigger government! Redistribution! Socialism! He describes a November 4 imprimatur for an Obama presidency as "lurching to the left."

Have the hardened, corroded right-wingers become so out of touch with the dire straits of the voting populace to believe that anyone wouldn't support an economic plan including just a smidgen of help with college tuition? I mean is this even an issue? Even contrarians like myself can't find a bone to pick with this no-brainer.

In fairness to Medved, he's probably been chewing the fat again with Dennis Prager. You know Prager - he's the brilliant voice in "intelligent conservative radio" who told me this morning on my way to work at the brick foundry outside of Cody, Wyoming that "college makes people dumb." Here's a picture of Prager in case you see him on campus and want to get some of your retard drool on his penny loafers:

***UPDATE***: Medved continues to gather torches for the mob, this time bemoaning another Obama rallying call for a "fundamental change." Medved quibbles, "most Americans do not want a fundamental change of this country."

Why don't we let "most Americans" speak for themselves in four days?

***UPDATE***: "We are five days away from fundamentally transforming America." For Hugh Hewitt, this means destroying the military, higher taxes, the end of the free market, a "regulatory state," etc. You know - the "blah blah blah" for John McCain, thrown into "dick-fingered" air quotes. By the way, Hewitt believes not only that McCain will win, but "the numbers could be big" in his favor. Boo! Boo Democrats! Boooooooooooooooo!

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