Monday, October 27, 2008

I'm Michael Jackson, Senator McCain... you're Tito.

Sarah Palin, perhaps sensing that she has taken the reigns as the 'one to watch' on her ticket despite being the VP rather than the presidential nominee, acted the part of Michael on a Jackson 5 tour. That is, forcing Tito to introduce her at a campaign stop in Virginia:

Palin was introduced to the crowd by Tito Munoz, a small business owner from neighboring Prince William County, whom Palin referred to as "Tito the Builder." He wore a yellow hard hat and drew chants of "Tito, Tito."

"Not since the Jackson Five has the name 'Tito' been used so often," Palin said.

Tito the Builder. You betcha. Per "people only identified by first name and profession" so far, his real name is probably Frank, he has never built anything and likely owes upwards of $5,000 in back taxes. He's also mulling a run for Congress in 2010. Vote for Pedro - er, Tito!


Warm Apple Pie said...

Tito Jackson has been stumping hard for McCain-Palin in his hometown of Gary, Indiana. A segment from his last stump speech: "McCain's startin' with the man in the mirror, but then he's asking Obama to make that change. Sarah Palin is not a Barack Obama lover. She's just a girl that says McCain is the one. Obama should beat it. He should beat it. McCain doesn't want to be defeated. Palin shows how funky strong is McCain's fighter."

Anonymous said...

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