Wednesday, October 29, 2008

From the "Still Missing" Department: Palin's Medical Records

Riddle me this, Batman:

Why is the young rebellious maverick with nothing to hide STILL protecting her medical records like they're nuclear launch codes?

Fill in your own answers and/or conspiracy theories, but ABC News reports that despite their insistence and persistence, Palin's representatives still have not and will not release the information. This makes Palin the only one of the four members of the major tickets that has released not one scintilla of medical information. Warm Apple Pie was all over the story last week here and the only thing that has come out since then is deafening and disquieting silence.

The question one has to ask is: why? There were Internet rumors floating around about cover-ups for a previous Bristol Palin pregnancy along with lots of other fantastic and titillating but completely unsubstantiated stories. But why is Governor Palin hiding her medical records? I don't even have a theory here. What is there within that information that stands to embarrass her or the campaign? And if the answer is nothing, what is the problem?

On Sunday morning, Palin spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt told ABC News that the campaign had planned to release information on her medical history early this week. Today is Wednesday. ABC News has asked every day this week about the status of the release of information and received no updates from the campaign. It is unclear what is holding things up.

ABC News is clearly irked about this, and not trying to hide it:

Aides suggested privately that there was nothing to hide in the records, but that it was simply taking a while to call doctors and round up the appropriate information to release. But an entire week?

However, they're absolutely right to wonder about this. This request was made weeks ago and we're one week and counting from this election. If there is something in those records, the voters have a right to know. Palin was asked about this, and her response gives pause:

"So be it, if that will allow some curiosity seekers, perhaps, to have one more thing that they can either check the box off that they can find something to criticize, perhaps, or find something to rest them assured over. Fine. I'm healthy, I'm happy, had five kids. That is going to be in the medical records. Never been seriously ill or hurt. You will see that in the medical records if they're released," Palin told NBC's Brian Williams.

Whoa there... interesting response, Governor. What are they going to find to criticize in your medical records? And what does it mean if they find "something to rest them assured over" - is that even English? Also, the sinister conclusion - "IF" they are released. Not "WHEN" but "IF" they are released.

Provocative! What could be in these records that would need to be protected and would be of interest to "curiosity seekers"? A history of drug or alcohol abuse? Prescription drugs or anti-depression medication being given to her? An abortion? A sexually transmitted disease? Using birth control pills? (eh, probably not that) Stay tuned for more.


Defective Pants said...

She really IS a pitbull in lipstick!

James said...

Speaking of freedom of information...

Why won't Obama just release his "vault" birth certificate?

Why didn't Biden's lawyer preform brain scans to insure his aneurysm hasn't returned?

Why won't the LA Times release the tape of Obama praising Khalidi?

Defective Pants said...

And the birth certificate discussed here: is not good enough, why?

Pat Bateman said...

Hi James - thanks for reading.

I'm pretty sure Pants references what is typically accepted as his actual birth certificate, though of course it could just be Photoshopped. Lord knows how many hours I puzzled over some of those "celeb heads glued on naked bodies" fake-ups. As do I: 9.

Also, I'm no lawyer, but I think lawyers don't perform brain scans. I think doctors do that, but I'm not 100% sure on that either since I can't afford health care right now. Fortunately, with socialism on the way, I'll be right as rain in no time.

As far as the LA Times tape, I've heard a lot about this. But I've never seen a source for it or any confirmation such a tape actually exists. Please point me in the right direction and I will investigate.

All in all, I'm not sure what that has to do with Governor Palin's stubborn refusal to provide her medical records. Frankly, of all the things asked of her, you would have thought that would have been the easiest to answer. After all, she's young, healthy and has nothing to hide. Of course, since she won't show, we won't know.

Patrick Bateman

Warm Apple Pie said...

James, are you really still conspiratorially pressing the inane birth certificate angle again. I'd roll with the famed "Have you no decency" schtick from McCarthyism, but it decency isn't the problem. It's a lack of brains.

Please read my post the Manchurian-American Candidate in the archives.

Then, please read the update on the bottom of that post - that Phil Berg's uproarious lawsuit has been cast out into the realm of vexatious pleadings damned!

Then, look at the pdf I have attached with the post for convenience - Obama's official birth certificate.

Then, realize that it is an official birth certificate provided upon request by the person once born.

Then, realize that if you requested a birth certificate tomorrow, that is the exact same form you would be provided.

Then, question the double-standards you live by, demanding a "vault" (hahaha - vault) birth certificate from the candidate suffering this election season with Arabic noemnclature, but not from the lily-white candidates (incidentally, I think Jack Knowledge once reported that McCain was indeed not born on American soil and a special resolution of Congress was necessary for certain public service requirements - JK, am I wrong).

Then, start babbling that Kurt Cobain is alive, 9-11 was perpetrated by the Bush Administration and that Tom Cruise is a homosexual.

Then, disregard that final example.

Then, find the nearest looney bin.

What's next - Biden's brain scans? Really an issue for you? Fine, I'm with you - let's get some answers. Have at them as far as I'm concerned. Let's expose this cover-up.

Finally, the LA Times tape. You realize this is not the Obama campaign's tape - they don't have it. It's in the Times possession. They claim it was provided by a confidential source. The media does not throw that around lightly. Journalists go to jail protecting sources.

But let's entertain your fishing expedition for a moment and assume the Times has political motives. They reported on the story in April and the contents of the tape. 6 months later McCain becomes up-in-arms seeking disclosure though the article explained in detail what occurred at the event in question. Why not disseminate the article. Hell, make a robocall about it - you guys are great at that upstanding type of campaigning.

I mean what the hell do you think you'll find on the footage other than another McCain toothless gambit for the surrogates to mewl about. Perhaps Obama is engaged in a Greek orgy with Ayers, Khalidi, Wright, Marx, Bin Laden and Katic Couric (be nice to have some tail in that mix).

But I'm betting you won't find this Republitopian romp, just more fodder for the bovine hoards at Palin rallies.

Satisfied or do you want more.

Warm Apple Pie said...

Oh, an thanks for your comment, James. Thanks for reading.

Hahahahaha. Hey, if anything, unlike the disengaged, bloodless blogs out there, we will ALWAYS mixed it up with our faithful readers.

James, I even met you face-to-face on Serendipity's blog.

Think of us as the cyber homage to short-lived, yet awesome Morton Downey Jr. show mixed with a 72 hour coke bender.

Pat Bateman said...

Morton Downey's show WAS a 72 hour coke bender, WAP. You draw a distinction where none exists.

Warm Apple Pie said...

I stand correct. 72 hour coke bender with the couch-bed pulled out wearing tightie-whities with Glen Beck played on a continuous loop.

Pat Bateman said...

You stand erected. Incidentally, put that away. There are decent people around here.

Warm Apple Pie said...

Actually, I'm still vexed. It vexes me.

You know what, I hope the LA Times releases the video. Give the GOP every second of Obama's life that was videotaped. Barring a segment where Obama says "Kill Whitey" or is caughting peeing on Ronald Reagan's grave, what the hell else is possibly relevant to this election year discussion?

I really hope the American people are sick and tired of these scarce/smear tactics. They certainly didn't have their fill in 2004.

That's why I still say this election is not over and I would not be surprise if an awful John McCain, an absolute shell of the man he was no more than 10 years ago, and a woefully inadequate (not inexperienced, not incomptent - inadequate. Meaning she does not have the God-given tools to run this country) Palin win this election.

Warm Apple Pie said...

An another thing James . . . hahaha . . . you endure this wrath, but know that The Potatoe respects its enemy as I have made you famous as a feature in one of our posts.

Just like John McCain will make famous the first pork barrel spending bill he sees on his desk with his big veto pen!!!! Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeh, I'll make'em famous. MAVERICKS!!!!!!!!

James said...

You guys crack me up. Seriously, funny stuff.

Pat, do you mean to tell me your lawyer doesn't give you physicals? Crap I knew that didn't sound right when my attorney asked me to drop trow, turn my head to left and cough.

As for the birth ceritificate, I believe Obama is probably a citizen. But why he doesn't just release the damn thing is beyond me.

I also think the two certificates, the one on his site and the one on fact check are real. The problem is they are re-issues, which by Hawaii law can be ordered at any time and revised if you officially change your name. We know its not the original because they didn't have computers and antiforgery paper in good 'ole 1961.

My opinion, Obama was probably officially born Barry Dunham, with no father listed, and later legally changed his name and ammended it. But since he refuses to release it we will never know the truth about why he is afraid to do so.

I also think the ruling is B.S. If the people do not have the right to sue to force portions of the constitution to be enforced than how can we protect the rights that document gives us? If Arnold runs and says I lied I was born in the U.S. and no you can't have my birth certificate, how can the people respond without the ability to sue to force him too?

No, I don't care about Biden's brain scans, nor do I care about Obama's test scores, school records, etc. But McCain has released every record when asked, Obama hasn't.

Something just doesn't smell right. Why can't Obama just be upfront about his past? Why hide it?

Warm Apple Pie said...

KC, in the words of Colonel Jessup, if you ask him nicely, you can have all the birth certificates you want. But you cannot answer all crazy requests by all crazy inquisitors. The Berg/Andy Martin crowd have no place at the political dinner table as far as I'm concerned.

How about this? An original birth certificate for Palin's medical records? Why don't you bring the same scrutiny to the folks you support that you do to the opposition?

ABC News asks her people every day for the records. And every day ABC News is informed they are not ready yet. Probably by November 5 huh.