Wednesday, October 29, 2008

"His Choice?"

Normally I resist posting campaign ads produced by either ticket, but this one put a charge in me. Very simple. Very topical. Very true:

I've exceeded my video quota for the day, but reserve the right to post a clip of McCain and Palin's faces superimposed on Bill Allen and Lori Loughlin bike-dancing to "Send Me An Angel" by Australian band Real Life in the seminal eighties film Rad.*

*Shout out to Defective Pants for daring to dream.


Warm Apple Pie said...

How could any right-minded person vote for McCain with Palin in waiting?

Much has been made about Biden's gaffes versus Palin's gaffes and how the liberal mainstream media focuses on the latter. As they should - for where Biden will butcher a fact in an otherwise coherent sentence, Palin will butcher a sentence in an otherwise incoherent paragraph.

How could a GOP loyalist watch Palin's response to Couric on Russia's close proximity to Alaska and not become seized with fear for the future of America?

If McCain wins, I will invoke Kirk Cameron's God - "God help us all."

Screw it - I'll invoke him now: God, let America do the right thing for once and elect Obama. Then we'll get to the business of forming a viable third party out of the GOP wreckage.

Pat Bateman said...

I would rather invoke Denzel in "Crimson Tide."

"God help you if you're wrong, Mister Hunter."

"If I'm wrong, she's president. God help us all."

Warm Apple Pie said...

What do you have if Palin gets elected?

Sigh . . . political war.

No, politcal holocaust.