Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Governor Palin Says Everything But The Right Thing In Response To Senator Stevens's Conviction

Bill Dyer, guest posting on Hugh Hewitt's blog, offers dizzying circumlocution in justifying Governor Palin's hesitancy to demand Alaska Senator Ted Stevens immediate withdrawal of his reelection bid after conviction on seven counts of making false statements on ethical disclosure forms.

I mean Dyer's post is unabashed partisan junk: he even provides a transcript of Govern Palin's imaginary comments to Stevens in private:

Here's my guess as to what Gov. Palin saying privately, because it's what I would say to him if I were in her position:

"Ted, for now, I'm going to continue to be restrained and appropriate in what I say in public. But you owe it to your party, and to the people who've voted for you in years past, not to take everything down with you in flames.

"Accordingly, now — before Election Day — you need to hand to me, as the Governor of Alaska, a formal, irrevocable letter of resignation which is automatically effective as of the instant that your post-verdict (pre-appellate) motion for new trial in the federal district court is denied (even though you may still have appellate avenues open at that point to challenge that judgment).

"Having made that commitment and signed that binding letter, Ted, then you can again ask the voters of Alaska to give you their votes — and they, in turn, can vote for you secure in the knowledge that one of either two things will happen: (a) The jury's verdict will be overturned, your presumption of innocence will be restored, and you'll have another day in court. Or else: (b) As Governor of Alaska, either I or perhaps Sean Parnell (as my successor) will appoint a qualified, honest Republican who will carry forward the Republican Party's best policies and ideals in the U.S. Senate seat you have occupied for so long."

No, I figure Palin said something more like: "also it's gotta be about recusing yourself, Ted. You betcha I'm going to make the case, whaddaya expect - a couple of mavericks, ruffling feathers, shaking things up, say it ain't so, Joe. Thanks, but no thanks on that conviction to nowhere."

It's going to be a sour last week.

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