Friday, October 31, 2008

BREAKING: Exotic Jungle Muslim to Steal From Rich

A lot of ink (sidebar: what do you call "ink" in the internets?) has been spilled over the radical plan of the thieving Arab and his nefarious scheme to bring an exotic jungle muslimness to his communist financial policies lately, most of it focusing on his tax proposal to steal bread right out of the mouths of underrepresented wealthy white people and "spread it around" (sounds a lot like "palling around, no?") to the unwashed huddled masses, who will only use it to smoke crack and avoid working. Barack Obama's plan, McShame would have you think, is not only to create Marxist/Leninist Communist society, but also to rape your mother. At least, that's what it sounds like he's saying based on the derision in his creepy voice.

Well, being only one or two IQ points above full-retard, I was convinced. Obama is a socialist, wanted to give all my hard-earned blogger money to poor people (each and every one of whom I find appalling in their own, poor, way) and his tax plan was basically to kill America. Hey Obama, love it or leave it! USA USA USA! And then I read this article in the Daily Worker, and the independent analysis done really explained the differences in Obama's and McShame's tax plans. And let me just say, I find it surprising. The most interesting point to me, and only because of fear being generated over Obama's "socialist" plan to redistribute the wealth from the rich to the poor, is the following:

For married couples with incomes of $500,000 with two children and both parents working, the Tax Policy Center found that Mr. Obama would raise income taxes by $3,363, from $110,955 now, while Mr. McCain's plans would leave taxes unchanged. Deloitte found that a $500,000-a-year couple would pay $3,100 more under Mr. Obama, with no change under Mr. McCain.

In other words, a family earning $500,000 under McCain pays $110,955 in taxes and has $389,045 left after taxes, while under Obama the same family pays $114,318 in taxes and has $385,582 left after taxes. You can draw your own conclusions from this, but it doesn't sound like wealth redistribution to me.

Jack Knowledge's independent analysis? Anyone making $500,000 who, by definition, isn't as good looking as I am can go suck it.


Pat Bateman said...

At my current rate of pay, I will earn $500,000 in TOTAL in the year 2024. Which, at current inflation levels, will allow me to buy a corn-dog.

Jack Knowledge said...

Then you are poor, and probably unwashed, and I shun you.

The point is Pat, for a family earning $500,000, Obama's crazy socialist plan accounts for an increase in their taxes in the order of exactly 0.03% over what McCain's plan is calling for, which is what the current Bush tax structure already has in place. I'll forgive you for not understanding, because you aren't a former Los Alamos theoretical physicist like myself, or a Juliard-trained physician like Dr. Martin van Nostrand, but 0.03%is like, small, and stuff.