Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Why We Pick On Palin

Because it's always "opposite day" for Governor Palin on the campaign trail. And it's shameless.

We will stop abuses of power, yet I abused power according to the Branchflower report regarding "Troopergate" - the very first finding.

We will stop government corruption, yet I've been part of the corruption as Governor of Alaska, doctoring expense reports to justify travel and accommodations for my children using taxpayer money.

We will stop cronyism and reform government, yet my government's cabinet is littered with cronies and high school chum, and I permitted my husband to wield the power of the governor's office.

I'm part of the middle class, an average Hockey Mom, just like you (wink wink), yet the expenditures on my couture over the past two months rival the value of some embattled mortgages.

I'll tell you that Barack Obama pals around with terrorists and believes America is imperfect, yet Todd and I were affiliated with secessionists who not only think the country is imperfect, but want no part of it.

Why do we pick on Palin? Hypocrisy. The worst kind.

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