Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Pray for Tracy's Husband

This is the base of McCain/Bush/Palin Republicanism. Can someone please explain to religious nuts like the ignoramus in this video that the Bible doesn't support hatred, let alone hatred based merely on a person's name, family, background, etc.? Also, with all this "God will take care of me" stuff. No he won't. He's tired of carrying your fat ass across the sand. Help yourself, you lazy lunatic - and I'm not talking about another box of Mallomars! God is done helping you. You've used more than your share of his welfare. The next set of footprints you'll see in the sand will be the ones leaving you for a nice hammock and a Corona. He deserves it, his back must be killing him.

Can you imagine being married to this shrew? Yes, sweetheart, pray, because if anyone needs a prayer, it's your husband. Pray that you wake up from your self-induced slumber of ignorance. Pray that your husband doesn't lose his job because you and others like you are completely brainwashed nutballs. Pray that you lose your voice, so he doesn't have to hear about the headache God blessed you with every night for the last 10 years, or how God wants you to watch Fox News and give your grocery money to the reverend in the Rolls Royce. Dummy.

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Sidecar said...

Once you "know" you're right about Jesus, there is no room for compromise. Every human issue must pay homage to Jesus and the bible (the same cognitive processes that allow islamofascists to wage war on behalf of Muhammed).

I believe in God and I believe in humanity. They can coexists if you take your head out of Pat Robertson's ass.