Thursday, October 23, 2008

More Elitist Emotion

I just got back from a dinner for the Human Rights First organization. Human Rights First (formerly the Lawyers' Committee on Human Rights) was founded by a group of lawyers 30 years ago, and since its inception has fought against genocide, torture, intimidation, suppression of speech, fascism and other threats to democracy and human rights throughout the word. It is truly a worthy organization, and one that gets results. As I looked through the event program, I came across the list of past honorees, and was struck by something for which I had no explanation until logging on to the Potatoe tonight. This is an American organization, yet most of the honorees (including both honorees tonight) were not Americans. Why? I did not know.

And then I read John McCain's comments and got my answer - Americans no longer celebrate criticism of our own government. Americans who criticize America are now traitors. They are anti-American. They are "elitists" seeking unneccessary change.

I'm fed up. People who speak out against torture, who criticize the war in Iraq, and who propose shifting the tax burden away from the middle class are not what's wrong with America. We are not traitors because we want restrained use of the military. We are not anti-American because we seek immigration reform. We are not elitists because we want every American to have healthcare. People who see a great but flawed country that has been led astray by fundamentalists fighting the culture wars of the '60s and military wars of the '80s are not the problem.

John McCain is the problem. John McCain is the traitor. John McCain is anti-American. John McCain is an elitist.

John McCain, who speaks out against torture with one hand, and signs it into law with the other - putting American soldiers in danger - is the traitor. John McCain, who celebrates ignorance and demonizes education - turning on members of his own party who dare to criticize his campaign, is anti-American. John McCain and every right-wing ideologue that seeks to define and limit what constitutes "real" America and "real" Americans are the elitists.

The thousands of New Yorkers with whom I walked across the Manhattan Bridge, our shoes covered with the dust of the twin towers, are not traitors. The New Yorkers that shed tears after finding an American flag amongst the rubble at Ground Zero are not anti-American. The thousands of New Yorkers that stood in lines to give blood that was never needed, are not elitist. The New Yorkers that risk their lives every day in Iraq and Afghanistan are not the problem.

John McCain is the problem. John McCain is the traitor. John McCain is anti-American. John McCain is an elitist.


Pat Bateman said...

Welcome back, Pants. Feels good to fire off some elitist fury, doesn't it? Mother, should I trust the government? No - but change is coming...

Sidecar said...
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Warm Apple Pie said...

Um . . . for the record, Warm Apple Pie merely stipulated to Bateman's invitation to Senator McCain to "go f**k himself." Not ready to hop on Cindy Sheehan's San Francisco campaign bus - the Straight Jacket Express - with the traitor rantings.

John McCain is not a traitor. He is just a misguided, tormented old codger whose window was despicably shut by our current president in 2000 South Carolina primary.

I say f**k you John in a fit of red rage hearing that barefaced attempt to score points with the salt by impugning NYC's great name and people.

When I calm down and the fulmination ends, I look back to McCain and say "you're sad, forlorn, lost political soul twisting and writhing in suspended agony, unable to give up the ghost."

He is not a traitor. I will never discount his military service. That's heroism I do not know. I can't comprehend it. He is not a traitor, but he has betrayed his beliefs. And that makes him just another run-of-the-mill politician.

Defective Pants said...

Benedict Arnold honorably served his country, too. He wasn't a traitor until he attempted to sell his country to the highest bidder. He wasn't a traitor until he turned his back on his fellow soldiers.

John McCain is selling his country to the highest bidder. He is selling free speech, diversity and equality, dissent as patriotism and our moral standing to the highest bidder. He is turning his back on the soldiers in harms way by advocating torture and opposing veterans benefits and the new GI Bill. He is selling what he stated were his own ideals to the highest bidder.

He doesn't get a free pass for past service. He is a traitor to his country and himself.

Warm Apple Pie said...

Um, Poorly Constructed Pants, I heard you the first time.