Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Is It Time For The Nuclear Option: Reverend Wright

The game is getting away from John McCain as Obama opens up a double-digit margin in some polls. Ayers, Joe the Plumber, Muslim, Socialism, pallin' around with Ayers, wealth redistribution, worked closely with Ayers, ACORN, Barack Hussein Obama, "Arab fear," anti-American, inexperience, some more Ayers, texts with Scarlett Johansson - nothing sticks to the Teflon Democrat, or everything sticks, but the folks are too busy licking their personal financial wounds to give a rat's ass.

13 days until the election, not to mention early voting has begun in many states (with a reportedly strong turnout by the Democrats).

What's an old Navy man to do in desperate times with bilge water rising?

Desperate measures.

"My friends . . . LOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!! BEHOLD!!!!!!! ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS LUNATIC!!!!!! LOOOOOOOOOOK!!!!!!!!!!!!!:

Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ. JESUS CHRIST!!!!! Can I get that ballot back!?!?! Yes, yes, YES - I WANT TO CHANGE MY F**KING VOTE!!!!! YOU HEARD ME - GIMME THE DAMN BALLOT BACK!!!! AHHHHHHHHHH, PLEASE LET ME VOTE FOR MCCAIN!!!!! PLEASE!!!! I WANT MCCAIN!!! OH CHRIST, PLEASE GIVE ME THE BALLOT BACK YOU BASTARD!!!!! And, er, um . . . well . . . Palin . . . I have to vote for Palin too? . . . can't just have McCain . . . really . . . did . . . not . . . know that . . . ummmm . . . aaaaaaaah, oooh boy . . . let me see that clip again . . . hmmmmm . . . this is hard . . . okay, her too. Yes, McCain and Palin. Vote for both. Anyone who doesn't pal around with this nutcup.

Man, Reverend Wright should be an army chaplain on the Event Horizon. Liberate tutame, voters!


Warm Apple Pie said...

Some of the Dems (I'm looking at your Schumer and your boast of 300 electoral votes for Obama) are so cocksure right now that I almost wish McCain would man up and start spraying Wright attacks like a skunk's hiney and stink the high heaven the remaining days of the election. I mean really throw the last remains of any civility or decency into the flusher.

Look, I'm not going to lie: Reverend Wright is like 1970 Bill Ayers with sound and color. I mean I find him pretty hilarious, but I'm betting the rest of the "real" Americans ain't going to get the joke.

Defective Pants said...

If it didn't work in the primary, what makes you think it will work now, and Hillary didn't have her own Hagee? And won't this undermine the whole "Obama is a Muslim" angle?

Warm Apple Pie said...

Agreed Dilapidated Pants - I don't think it will work. I'm just rooting for them to try it. Ayers ain't working and that doesn't stop them.

You act like McCain-Palin is a trial-and-error operation. It ain't a think tank over there right now. Bunch of monkeys calling the shots.