Saturday, October 25, 2008

Missing Links For October 25, 2008

A succinct, lucid explanation of competing health care plans.

President Bush votes early for Barack Obama?!?!? Psyche!

Captain Krauthammer and the euphoria before drowning: I will go down with the McCain ship. I'd rather lose an election than lose my bearings.

Obama defends his alleged ties to . . . Adolph Hitler: "Um . . . just so we're clear: I was negative 20 years old when Hitler committed despicable acts."

After conjuring Herbert Hoover, McCain revives Harry S. Truman, reminds the electorate he's stupid-old.


Pat Bateman said...

I mean, HITLER? Listen, this thing has gone nuclear, clearly. You can see thinking over at the Keystone GOP HQ:

"That damned Obama. He keeps tying us to Bush. Who do people hate more than Bush... damn, I mean I can honestly only think of one person. Although... I'm having a brainstorm... Jimmy, grab a pen!"

Warm Apple Pie said...

Look, Hitler is just some guy I knew from the neighborhood. We sat on some board together.

Count your blessings - I can't believe Obama is poised to win this thing with a middle name in common with Sadam Hussein and a last name one consonant away from the first name of the world's most infamous terrorist. I mean I was shocked that "Barack" translates to "blessed," as opposed to "puppy rapist."

Defective Pants said...


Mussolini. Juan Peron.

Today, McCain even compared him to President Bush!

But nobody will stoop to Dick Cheney comparisons.