Friday, October 24, 2008

Who's El Tinklenberg?

Who cares? He's trying to supplant GOP moll Michelle Bachmann, incumbent Congresswoman for the 6th District of Minnesota, arbiter of anti-Americanism, rumored to hate puppies and rainbows. That's all I need to know.

Here's Mr. Tinklenberg's new campaign ad using footage from Bachmann's calamitous performance on Hardball:

And here's where you can donate to El Tinklenberg's revived campaign (now polling 47% to Bachmann's 44%):

El Tinklenberg is "rebuilding optimism in America." But mostly he's asking Minnesotans to let the door hit Bachmann on her way out!

Michelle Bachmann. Hates puppies. Hates rainbows. Not ready to lead. My name is Warm Apple Pie and I approve this message on behalf of El Tinklenberg.

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