Tuesday, October 21, 2008

GOP Hussy Bachmann Administers My Crazy Pill Dosage, Denies "Anti-American" Statements Despite Video Evidence


I would have preferred she hire Barry Scheck to cast doubt on the authenticity of the footage from Chris Matthews's Hardball or question the chain of custody and the promulgated procedures for videotape handling over at MSNBC. Better yet, she could have denied she ever appeared on Matthews's program.

I mean - OJ's sell was only a bit less challenging and he got off. I don't think a clip of OJ doing the Heisman pose with Ron Goldman's head would have made a difference to that jury. And Bachmann follows suit, relying on Joe the Lazy Citizen's normal rejection of irrefutable facts verified by concrete visual or scientific evidence.

These deep-in-the-tank right wingers have no shame reflex. None at all. Unflinching cynics.

You have anti-American views, Michelle Bachmann. Let me repeat myself for firm posterity: Michelle Bachmann has anti-American views. Let me not mince words: Congresswoman Bachmann from Minnesota's Sixth District holds anti-American views. I'm not just concerned that she might possess these views - I'm stating that indeed she has them and she adheres to them.

I am Sidecar. I am of sound mind. I just said that sh*t. Please hold me accountable and assign me the position that Michelle Bachmann holds anti-American views until such time I abdicate this stance via an unambiguous retraction.

Gosh, I'd rather choke to death on these GOP-base crazy pills, than keep taking them for four more years. At least the DNC loons bottle crazy pills in gelatin-capsule form for much easier swallowing.

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