Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I hope you're right, Sarah...

Sarah, I truly believe you're right on target here. I just think you might be mistaken about which side God votes this year...

In an interview posted online Wednesday, Sarah Palin told Dr. James Dobson of “Focus on the Family” that she is confident God will do “the right thing for America” on Nov. 4. Dobson asked the vice presidential hopeful if she is concerned about John McCain’s sagging poll numbers, but Palin stressed that she was “not discouraged at all.”

“To me, it motivates us, makes us work that much harder,” she told the influential Christian leader, whose radio show reaches tens of millions of listeners daily. “And it also strengthens my faith because I know at the end of the day putting this in God’s hands, the right thing for America will be done, at the end of the day on Nov. 4.”

Ah, Sarah - still with the GOP "Divine Mandate" theory. Because I have to imagine you don't mean that the Dems are going to win and THAT is God's Word. You're governor of Alaska, but you're still mayor of Crazytown. You betcha.

She also thanked her supporters — including Dobson, who said he and his wife were asking “for God’s intervention” on election day — for their prayers of support. “It is that intercession that is so needed,” she said. “And so greatly appreciated. And I can feel it too, Dr. Dobson. I can feel the power of prayer, and that strength that is provided through our prayer warriors across this nation. And I so appreciate it.”

Our prayer warriors. Who are these soldiers you speak of? Are those our service men and women overseas, praying someone will give them body armor before IED shrapnel blows them to pieces? Or do you speak of Henry Paulson, he of the "God, please let the market turn around!" infantry? Or do you mean the MPs at the motor pool of personal shoppers at Saks, praying they'll be the one to get that commission when you drop fifty large there? Everywhere I look are soldiers! Warriors of Worship! Marines of Morality! SEALs of Supplication! Airborne of Adoration! Seamen of... ha. Semen. Ah, man, that's a funny word.

SEMPER FI, DO OR DIE, SA-RAH! Onward, brave warriors of prayer! Carry us to the Promised Land! And by that I mean back to Anchorage in defeat.


Defective Pants said...

Prayer Warriors - is that like the Kiss Army? This is scary stuff. Bush talked to God, too. Except he was speaking in Spanish, so Georgie couldn't understand him. I wonder if God says stuff like "you, betcha, Sarah, you sure look good in that pantsuit." I bet he sounds like Barry White.

Warm Apple Pie said...

How do we know God is not part of the 44% of folks who will not vote on election day?

When pushed for comment, God responded, "Sarah Palin who? Don't know her. Hey, did you catch that Saux-Rays game last weekend! That's what happens when you remove the Devil from your life and your name."