Monday, October 20, 2008

Welcome To Palin-Phone! If You Know The Name Of The Non-Muslim Candidate You're Voting For . . . Press One!!!!

In the middle of Dancing With The Stars, Governor Sarah Palin interrupts hard-working Americans with the soothing twang of her not-even-close-to grating voice.

She first attempted to tape a robocall without script or guidance, but the initial recording was deemed "slightly discursive":

In what respect, Americans . . . I mean . . . Also I'm sayin' hiya, as a maverick, and, um, a mom lovin' hockey, just mixin' it up, or also called as you know, where does Putin go, I mean Hockey moms and Joe Six-Packs, this is President Pal . . . I mean . . . Governor Sarah Palin, reformer sayin' thanks but no thanks on the bridges to nowhere, but also about job creation. Me and John McCain, Joe the Plumber, say it ain't so Joe . . . the Plumber and six-packs, are going to shake things up, c'mon, guys and gals, whaddya expect from a team of mavericks, we're mavericks, he can't wait until I get to that capital and also the other states, real America, not liberal elite media - playin' goooootcha reportin' - cause we ain't speakin' to their questions, you betcha. I wish sometimes that our opponent would say he's a muslim or calls terrorists his bestest of friends, also that America should win. Obama worked closely with Ayers to . . .I mean who, to bomb America and kill innocent civilians. Vote for us and I have a gay friend. Drill baby drill and such.

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