Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Manchurian-American Candidate

Because Barack Obama has not released a copy of his birth certificate, we are forced to endure the axe-grinding hysterics of "patriots" like Phil Berg and his "legitimate" claim that Obama is not a natural born citizen and, therefore, cannot be President of the United States (What? He did? He released it? That picture to the left? Oh, it's nothing. Seriously, don't look at it. Pay no attention to the birth certificate behind the curtain).

Here's a copy of Berg's complaint, a paragon of attorney work product likely penned in crayons and lipsticked pig's blood, seeking declaratory and injunctive relief against Barack Obama and his other buddies: "Barry Soetoro," "Barry Obama," "Barack Dunham," and "Barry Dunham." Most compelling is averment 18 where Mr. Berg, a master jurist on equal footing with great legal minds like Cardozo, Darrow and Dershowitz, cites to . . . "Wikipedia English Version" and (not to be outdone) "Wikipedia Italian Version" to support his allegation that Obama's birth is "reported" to have occurred at two different Hawaiian hospitals. Berg further notes that there is a Canadian birth certificate linked to Barack Obama also "posted on the internet." An earlier draft of the complaint cited "two girls, one cup," "star wars kid" and "Will Ferrell's The Landlady," but were strategically dropped in the final version.

And if not a testament to sound jurisprudence and research, Berg's complaint at worse is a celebration of syntactical coherency and stellar grammar: "Obama obviously knows, because his father told the Obama, that he (Obama) also held/holds Kenyan nationality."


For good measure, Berg buttresses his claim with an allegation of Obama"s Kenyan citizenship (Barry is well traveled, apparently a citizen of the world) provided by "Chicago-based Internet Journalist, broadcaster and critic" Andy Martin.

You remember Andy? He's the Internet journalist, broadcaster and critic who once threw his hat in the ring as candidate for Congress on the broad-based "exterminate Jew power" platform. The Potatoe's leave-no-stone-unturned investigative journalism has also yielded the shocking revelation that Mr. Martin did not win that election.*

Enter the rumor mill, fair and balanced - Fox News' local affiliate in the crucial battleground state of Ohio picks up the story on Monday and gives it an audience (conspicuously timed considering Berg filed his ridiculous lawsuit on August 21 in a Federal Court in Pennsylvania).

Only 19 more days of the circus, kids. Hang in there. The audacity of hate must not win.

*Source: Wikipedia (English Version)

***UPDATE***: A Federal Judge throws out the litigious manifestation of an Internet-fueled conspiracy theory that Barack Obama was born outside of the United States. The court dismissed Phil Berg's inarticulate complaint finding private citizens lack standing to sue on eligibility requirements. The Court reasoned the harm alleged by Berg is "too vague and its effects too attenuated to confer standing on any and all voters."

Now, I'm just a simple, 53-year-old strip club disc jockey for the Spearmint Rhino in Las Vegas ("Joe the MC" so to speak), but my dilettante's knowledge of the law (sometimes the strippers get in some hot water) tells me this is a sound ruling by the Court.


Pat Bateman said...

This "document" you post proves absolutely nothing, WAP. Your ability to Photoshop taken into consideration, that easily could have been YOUR birth certificate, doctored up to look legit. I remain unconvinced, much in the way that the "jury is still out" on Evolution in the Bateman household.

Defective Pants said...
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Defective Pants said...

Why redact the certificate number?