Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Entire CNN Interview With Governor Palin


Warm Apple Pie said...

She is in dire straits with follow-up questions. She always struggles in this regard - when the interviewer asks her to bring focus to her opening response, to be specific.

Like a meandering brook. She just babbles along until an impediment.

Pat Bateman said...

She really isn't evil incarnate as she's been made out to be by many outlets. She's really just an old-fashioned dolt. And that's straight talk to the American people. You betcha.

Fact is that when it comes down to it, I don't care about her experience. I don't care that she's from Alaska. I don't even care about her politics, as different from mine as they are. I care that she's straight short-bus material. I would be just as concerned with a totally inept Dem who just seemed on the brink of full-retard.

Now, obviously the news today about her using her Governor's charge card as a play toy for her kids' travel jones is somewhat head-scratching. But who hasn't fudged the numbers on an expense account when the company was paying... eh? Eh comrades?

Defective Pants said...

Sorry - but I hate her. I despise her. She is a compulsive liar, and a dangerous, dangerous person. Why? Because a mix of power and ignorance is extremely dangerous. Throw in flat out lack of intelligence, and it's like giving matches to an arsonist.

Horrible job by the interviewer. Why is it off limits to not challenge statements that she makes? She is lying! Challenge her, you coward! "Giggle, giggle, you're right." What a smitten asshole. The media has absolutely failed in this election. A 16 minute puff-piece.

Warm Apple Pie said...

Agree with Shoddy Pants - either she's playing beer league softball with the likes of Hannity and Limbaugh or the "gotcha" media elite wastes its time playing Trivial Pursuit - What Little Richard song was the title of a film starring Jayne Mansfield? Um . . . Soul Finger? In what respect, Charlie?

If I had one minute with Sarah Palin, I'd spend 58 seconds making love, 1 second to reminisce and 1 second asking this question: "Governor Palin, in many of your stump speeches, you proudly offer that John McCain and Sarah Palin are mavericks and reformers who will shake up Washington by curtailing 'abuses of power.' You are also fast to note that you have the record in Alaska to back it up. However, the very first finding of the Branchflower report investigating what has come to be known as Troopergate . . ."

". . . also that's known as 'Tasergate' you betcha."

"Please let me finish the question, you incorrigible bimbo. The first finding said you abused your power as governor. My question: how do you say you will stop abuses of power in Washington based on your previous record, when it bipartisan investigation concluded you abused your power as Governor of Alaska?"

"Well also on that the good folks conducting a investigation, a fishing expedition if you will on that also found that I was within my right to dismiss Mr. Moneghan . . ."

". . . Yes, in finding two, but the first finding still said you abused your power and acted unethically. How do you square finding one with the statements you now making on the campaign trail for John McCain? How do you look America in the eyes and say I will stop abuses of power though I abuse power?"

"Isn't that akin to Barack Obama actually committing terrorist attacks then claiming he will fight terrorism, instead of just knowing a former terrorist from around-the-way?"

I wouldn't include that last part. That's for my personal shits and giggles.

Pat Bateman said...

So what you're saying is you need an around-the-way terrorist. That's the one for you? Ladies Love WAP.