Monday, October 20, 2008

The Potatoe Goes To The Movies, Inaugural Edition!

Tonight, WAP and yours truly took in "W." in a safe and sequestered location, far from the prying eyes of Washington and the smiling eyes of Ireland. I'm sure WAP is back at the bunker, banging out a review as we speak, but it is important I beat him to the punch and post first, thus giving me "first mover" status on this never-before-seen edition of the Potatoe: the film review.

There will be further discussion, but for the record, let me say this: whether or not you find the canned ham to be agreeable or not (I mostly did, but let's just say Ollie is aiming for entertainment, not necessarily truth), the performances (nay, imitations) are spot on. Also, I will never be able to look at Condi Rice the same way again, as she was portrayed by Thandie Newton (see: preternatural hotness at right), for whom I am on record as having a tremendous predilection. I will now always see Thandie's deliciousness whenever I see Condi's mug.

As for Mr. Stone's opinion of our current CEO-in-Chief, let's just say he thinks Dubya has substantial issues that perhaps a qualified analyst might be helpful in clearing up. Daddy issues. Inferiority complexes to both father and brother. Weird baseball dreams. Methinks the director doth protest too much - a little bit of projecting there, Mr. Stone?

Also, even if you aren't aiming for historical accuracy, at least get your baseball history right. In 1990, George W. Bush would never have lamented trading Sammy Sosa the previous year to the White Sox. He had just completed a season in which he hit .233 and struck out 150 times with minimal power. The next season he lost his starting spot on the team. This was long before anyone would have regretted trading him (and before he started taking massive quantities of horse steroids - I invite your protestations, Sidecar). I call upon you, Mr. Stone... mess with history if you wish, but don't mess with baseball. It's one of the only things we Americans have left.


Warm Apple Pie said...

Nothing much to add: W is steeped in entertainment. A fair biopic of Bush's life it ain't.

You were remiss in not reserving a special comment for the homuncular Toby Jones as Karl Rove. When he does his little "yipee" bunny hop when George Sr. wins the election, I snorted my soda.

A very entertaining screwball comedy, Mr. Stone, with zany characters and wild misadventures. A real romp!

Hugh Jee From Jersey said...

I just dropped into your joint to read your take on 106 year old Ms Cooper voting for Obama in Atlanta...but I couldn't take my eyes off of this incredible pic of Thandie Newton.

She might be the only reason for me to see "W".

Just another Dem who really likes your blog.