Thursday, October 16, 2008

You're F**kin' Rich, Joe! Congrats!

By the way . . . have I mentioned "Joe the Plumber"?

Just making sure.

UPDATE: Full clip of Senator Obama's encountered with Joe the Plumber. Absolutely brilliant. Captivating. This would be "Exhibit A" in my case for an Obama presidency. You can't teach social ease like this. It's an innate gift.

Joe probably leaves this exchange with his vote unswayed, but possessing a new found admiration of the man that might rule him. And it is becoming typical: There are legions of independents, moderates and undecideds now tipping towards Obama on a single premise blooming from the dismay of Bush policies: Let's give Barack a shot. That's all. Nothing more. Nothing more profound.

With McCain shaky and Palin shrill, most decent Americans in an economic pinch turn towards the junior senator from Illinois and simply say "why not." It can't get any worse and the guy seems very open to competing ideas.

For me, Obama is markedly good. But I'm voting for him because he could be exceptional.

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