Saturday, October 18, 2008

Prominent GOP Peeps Sheepishly Gesture to Obama: "Call me!"

So in an article about the folks that the hypothetical Obama administration might tab for big admin jobs, several prominent Republicans were discussed as having made clear "their availability." Uh oh... sounds like when someone with a girlfriend starts quietly asking whether his friends have any cute interns this summer. One name in particular stuck out - Chuck Hagel. Chuck Hagel has made clear he's available to serve in the Obama cabinet. Whoa, really? Eesh. That can't be a good sign, John McDidIMentionIWasAPOW?

And, in conclusion my friends, September 11th.

Speaking of which, I'm surprised America's Mayor, Rudolph the Red Nosed Turncoat, hasn't smelled the burning tinder of Karl Rove's Republican Troy smoldering in ruin and announced that he is suddenly returning to his former Democratic roots and would be available to serve as Attorney General. Uh oh - I hope I didn't just give him any ideas.

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