Friday, October 17, 2008

Political Timeout #2: Wahlberg Talking To Animals, Getting Ready To Talk To Samberg

The incessant stream of clips documenting Wahlberg's venom towards Andy Samberg's dead-on impression of Marky Mark talking to animals left me with this first impression: Could Wahlberg be anymore of a brutish clod? I mean what a raging taint-monger.

Then . . . I figured it out. Prediction: all of it is comedic precursor to an "unexpected" cameo on SNL this week where Wahlberg will appear and acost Samberg in a Kaufmanesque bit of television.

Note the time - 7:02 pm PST. A Warm Apple Pie makes the call. I am way out in front on this.


Jack Knowledge said...

Warm apple Pie? What the? I thought Sidecar posted this bad boy...

And as much as I inexplicably happen to like Wahlberg as an actor, his reaction to Samberg's dead-on-balls accurate impression of him (it's an industry toim) is revealing him to be a douche-monkey of colossal proportions. Lighten up, half-pint, it's funny as fuck. Say hello to your mother for me, ok?

Jack Knowledge said...

Marky Mark redeemed himself on SNL last night. Maybe he has a sense of humor afterall. Say hello to your mother for me, okay Sidecar?