Sunday, October 12, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: McCain to kick You-Know-What, take names and then have a short nap.

I normally don't giggle like a schoolgirl, but this little nugget had me clutching my "Wasilla Moosehunting Barbie" and cackling like a tweener:

McCain said he and running mate Sarah Palin would continue campaigning hard in the three weeks left before Election Day, in places like Ohio, Pennsylvania, New Mexico, Nevada and Colorado. The two planned a joint appearance Monday in Virginia, a Republican stronghold turned battleground this time. "We're going to spend a lot of time and after I whip his you-know-what in this debate, we're going to be going out 24/7," McCain said. The two men will debate Wednesday at Hofstra University on Long Island, N.Y. CBS News anchor Bob Schieffer will moderate the 90-minute forum. Still, McCain promised to run a "respectful" campaign in the weeks to come. "I respect Senator Obama, we will conduct a respectful race and be sure everyone else does too. But there are stark difference between us," McCain said.

John, listen... you cannot threaten to kick someone's ass at something (and John, I'd respect you more if you just said "ass." "You-know-what" is something my grandmother would have said before she had her daily 4 pm glass of Scotch, after which it became "ass" if you were lucky and words I still don't fully understand the meaning of if you were not.) and then say you're going to run a respectful campaign. If you threaten to whup up on someone, that's straight-up disrespect and I do not think that's subject to reasonable disagreement. I have no problem with the disrespect either, but do not temper it in the next breath. Either throw down or do not throw down - there is no try.

Side note, Johnny: it's too late to throw down. You betcha.

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Warm Apple Pie said...

In fairness, McCain rejected an earlier draft version of the statement submitted by Rick Davis stating "I'm going to lynch that boy on Wednesday night." Credit where credit is due for showing restraint.