Wednesday, October 15, 2008

ACORN FLACK: Two Things to Realize

One, properly characterized, the allegations against ACORN touch upon "voter registration fraud," not "voter fraud" as Greta and Michelle Malkin inartfully cram down your throats with every unseemly report. There's a monumental difference - chances are none of the erroneous or falsified registration forms will result in a fraudulent vote. Fear not: Mickey Mouse will not pull a lever on November 4.

Two, most districts promulgate laws precluding the destruction of any registration form prior to a mandatory delivery to the Election Board for review. Mickey Mouse is then vetted. Mickey Mouse is then denied access to the polls on Election Day.

Another titantic GOP red herring.
Don't take my word for it: Newsweek notes the cartoonish quality of the ACORN diversion, playing out the new Disney movie "Mickey Goes To Vote" to its ineluctable conclusion:

"I'll use Mickey Mouse to demonstrate how ACORN has engaged in voter registration fraud. In Florida, Acorn pays local workers $8 an hour to gather 20 voter registrations a day. One of these workers, seeking to meet his quota and snap up his paycheck, wrote down "Mickey Mouse," forged a signature and turned his form; others have submitted forms with made-up names, repeated names, unreadable handwriting, missing information, signatures that didn't match those on file, altered dates of birth or Social Security numbers. Following protocol, ACORN tried to find the incomplete, duplicate or bogus forms and fire the employees who submit them. But before sending every application to the state--which is required by law--the group unfortunately failed to flag a few.

This has undoubtedly made life more difficult for the local officials tasked with verifying applications, and ACORN should be held accountable. But it can't possibly change who's voting on Election Day. Mickey Mouse isn't going to show up at the polls. Voters can't vote if they don't exist. People who are registered twice will only be allowed to vote once. Annoying as they are, these inconsistencies can't affect the outcome of the election. They can only cause headaches."

In a related story, Michelle Malkin is making the case for Mickey Mouse's internment until after November 4 just to be sure.

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