Saturday, October 18, 2008

Gateway City Greets Obama

100,000 supporters turnout in St. Louis, Missouri. Obama's response to the outpouring: "wow."

11 electoral votes and the Missouri Bellwether up for grabs: The "Show Me" State has supported the President-Elect since 1904 in all but one election.

Michelle Malkin was seen floating around the crowd, checking identification cards. "We got word that Mickey Mouse was in attendance at ACORN's behest," Malkin sneered. "I'm just protecting the fabric of our democracy."


Jack Knowledge said...

Goddamned Dems always inflate those numbers to make it seem like Obama is popular. "Oh, look at me! Look at me. I have 100,000 people at my rallies. Look at me. Love me. I'm soooo popular."

Whatever. There can't be more than like 97, 98,000 there. Tops.

Warm Apple Pie said...

And half of them are Disney characters.

Jack Knowledge said...

Hey Mickey Mouse, say hello to your mother for me, ok?