Friday, October 17, 2008

ACORN SUBTERFUGE: Democrats Are Feisty This Election Cycle!

CHICAGO (AFP) — Barack Obama's campaign accused rival John McCain of using a false crusade against voter fraud to suppress legitimate votes Friday as battles over who ought to be able to cast a ballot in the November 4 election intensified.

The Obama campaign's top lawyer, Bob Bauer, accused Republicans of recklessly "plotting" to suppress legitimate votes and to "sow confusion and harass voters and complicate the process for millions of Americans."

This on the heels of the Obama campaign requesting the appointment of a special prosecutor by Attorney General Mukasey to determine whether McCain-Palin and the RNC made specious, trumped-up voter fraud charges allowing the Justice Department to conduct superfluous and perfunctory investigations - window dressing to legitimize the means to one nefarious end: suppressing votes.

If Obama has a small, but definitive popular and electoral vote lead on November 5 becoming the presumptive President-Elect, let's see how long before the media and the American people storm the RNC fortifications on the "high ground" in blocking certification.

Not long I think. This will not devolve into 2000 lawyering. Suddenly I'm Pollyannaish about our democracy again.

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