Monday, October 13, 2008

Santa Claus, J.D. Drew and now Governor Palin

Hmmm, not giving you that "rock star" reception you're used to at McCain rallies in the sticks? According to some reports, the disjointed theme music accompanying Palin's introduction before dropping the ceremonial puck at a Flyers-Rangers game was noticeably raised as she approached center ice to drown out the boos.

However, the crowd was not permitted any follow-up boos, jeers or hisses at the request of Palin's handlers.

Welcome to Philly, Sarah. Man, welcome to the contiguous United States, sister!

The only time I have felt unsafe at a sporting event was watching a Giants-Eagles game at the Vet in days of yore. I thought they were going to shiv my father in the upper deck.

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