Saturday, October 18, 2008

Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann: GOP Working Girl

Ten minute clip, but rich with flithy calumny. Makes you wonder whether criticism of public figures should really enjoy an absolute privilege from defamation lawsuits when the whores of partisan spin (not sexist - Hannity is a big hooker too) abuse the advantages of immunity.

I have many Republican friends. I have many Democrat friends. Yet I maintain my strident independence between the tug-of-war.

Listening to partisan-whore Bachmann however - the nasalness in her dummy voice triggering an ineffable pain in my ears - forces this concession: I see some virtue in the Democratic Party. I could envision joining the Party and sleeping somewhat easy at night. However, I cannot even fathom for an instant standing side-by-side with talking point lapdogs like Michelle Bachmann and beating the Republican tam-tam. These people must look in the mirror and spit on their reflections to keep from careening into the black void of insanity. I think harlot Bachman is cutting her thigh maniacally below the camera shot - the advanced stages of PPS ("Political Pressure Sickness"). This ideological tramp has the "shakes."

And don't give me this "every party has fringe elements" malarky. "You can't judge us by those lingering at the edge of the "big tent.""

Bull sh*t. I can and I will. This repugnant GOP strumpet is a United States Congresswoman, elected by a bunch of boobs humiliating their voting district, giving her legitimacy. Leftist-radical Cindy Sheehan sleeps in a pup tent outside Crawford, Texas, making placards and begging passerbys to "honk if you hate the war."

Your fringe works in the Federal Government. Their fringe works next to cattle.

My opening salvo on Bachmann. The Potatoe will vet.


Pat Bateman said...

I disagree WAP... I actually think she's just stupid. I think someone kept whispering "anti-American" to her without explaining what that would mean. This was a really nice job by Chris trying to pin her down to something, anything, one concrete statement. But the fact is she just knows that Obama is anti-American, but sad little thing, she doesn't even know what that means.

Does anyone realistically think that anybody who serves in Congress or would put themselves through a grueling, soul-sucking run for the Presidency could possibly be anti-American? Well, other than Nixon, who embodied the wonderful Sorkin line "loves America but clearly hates Americans."

I love that she calls on the media to run an investigation of who is anti-American in Congress. Didn't a short, alcoholic senator from Wisconsin do this a little while back with really positive and constructive results?

Do you know what is anti or un-American, Michelle? Questioning how much fellow citizens who disagree with your particular beliefs love their country simply because they hold a different view than you do. The suggestion that if someone does not cling to the same values that you do, they do not love America... THAT is anti-American.

Speaking of people you pal around with showing your view on things, where is Charles Keating these days, Michelle?

Pat Bateman said...

Oops, sorry, that was Sidecar. My apologies SC... sometimes I get you and WAP mixed up. Must be the anti-American sentiment you both spew all the time.

Warm Apple Pie said...

That's the point and your raise it: "does anyone realistically think that anybody who serves in Congress would put themselves through a grueling, soul-sucking run for the Presidency could possibly be anti-American?"

Of course not, except Bachmann. Not question she's a lunkhead, but she knows what "anti-American" means. For me, that fills the gap between Obama "pallin around with terrorists" and Obama being a terrorist.

If you run for President and you are anti-American, that means to the non-discriminating voter that you are infiltrating the government to sabotage it from within.

Bachmann has dull, lifeless eyes. There's no spark, no yearning for knowledge. Thus, she tows and barks for party scraps.