Tuesday, October 14, 2008

"Yeah, It Has Got to Be the Media's Fault." Right

Payoff on this clip is the last ten seconds.

After Rudy "Nueve Once" (recent legal name change by the former mayor) provides the usual fodder in response to a question about the vicious ad hominem attacks coming from the McCain campaign and its minions over the past week, CBS anchor Harry Smith lets slip a little main stream media bile.

"Yeah, It has got to be the media's fault." Look out folks! Harry Smith is off the leash and frothing mad with unwavering restraint and subtle sarcasm!

The Republicans are like Demi Moore at the end of "Disclosure" - out of pride, out of gas, out of bridges to burn, cloaked in detestableness.

I've never seen you play the victim before, GOP? It suits you.

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