Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Say Hello to your Mother for Me, Goat!

Warm Apple Pie spends its first political timeout and has two remaining. I could not let this pass without feigned outrage (feigned outrage is my bailiwick if you hadn't guessed).

Marky Mark mewls about Andy Samberg's think piece, what would it be like if Wahlberg exchanged pleasantries with some animals. From the Huffington Post:

"Wahlberg said of the sketch:

Someone showed it to me on YouTube. It wasn't like Tina Fey doing Sarah Palin, that's for sure. And "Saturday Night Live" hasn't been funny for a long time. They've asked me to do the show a ton of times. I used to watch it when Eddie Murphy was there and Joe Piscopo and Bill Murray. I don't even know who's on the show now."

Let me get this straight: You're livid over SNL conjuring up a fictitious dialogue between yourself and a bunch of barnyard critters? Then I'm more livid over those 10 bucks you heisted from my wallet when I saw The Happening. I'd rather blow the goat Samberg was chatting up then sit through that cinematic turd again. And I thought you had a "great, big c*ck," Eddie Adams. Weak.

Wahlberg, say hello to your mother for me, alright.


Jack Knowledge said...

You should embed the video, which is hilarious. Samberg nails the impression and KILLS on Walberg. "You eat apples, right? I produce Entourage. Ok, talk to you later Donkey."

Now that I think about it, this sketch is much funnier than any of the Sarah Palin stuff because it's not topical. It's such a bizarre non-sequitor that it kills me to think someone was sitting around spitballing ideas and said "how about we stick Mark Wahlberg in a petting zoo and have him talk to animals like they are nonresponsive people?" It's genius.

Jack Knowledge said...

I have probably watched this sketch 10 times now. I can't believe funny it is. It grows on you like a fungus. Post the video.

"Did you see The Perfect Storm, goat? .... Say hello to your mother for me, ok?"