Saturday, October 18, 2008

How's that for "Drill, baby, drill?!" a/k/a the best ten seconds of your life to-date

I admit, I've watched Katie Couric's interview with Gov. Sarah Palin many times. Each time I've watched it, I've been appalled and filled with anger over Gov. Palin's refusal to answer the simple, straight-forward question Couric asked her about which newspapers or magazines she generally reads to form her world view. Palin prevaricated and rather than simply saying "The New York Times," or "The Anchorage Daily News," or whatever, she dissembled and tried to make it seem like Couric was attacking all Alaskans as being uninformed rubes. Well, I just watched the interview again, and this time, let me just say my sense of justice was rewarded.

Terrible Terry Tate: Office Linebacker and my new favorite political pundit. Wooooooo!!!!!!

Update: In response to a number of Potatoe fans' emails, no, I am not Terry Tate. We just look an awful lot alike.


Warm Apple Pie said...

Hahahaha. Wooooooo!

Man, you got to advertise the less ten seconds is orgasmic pleasure.

Jack Knowledge said...

Watching it was such an unexpected delight that I accidentally popped in my own face. That'll learn me to blog with a dropped trou'

Defective Pants said...

Sweet Jebus that is the greatest video in the history of videos. You forgot to put a cover on your TPS report, Sarah!