Friday, October 17, 2008

Breaking News: Palin to appear on SNL; Bad Idea Machine says "I retire; I want to go out a champion"

Sarah Palin will appear on Saturday Night Live this week, apparently to do her sidesplitting imitation of Tina Fey. With the TV muted.

Are you serious, Sarah? This is like a Bad Idea Jeans commercial. You're going to go to New York (be careful - don't touch anything or the sodomy might rub off onto you) and get in front of the live audience at SNL? You're going to "pal around" with comedians who likely despise you (and quite probably would like to see you land flat on your face in this endeavor) and in front of possibly the most liberal studio audience in the country? Didn't you learn your lesson at the Flyers game???? How much "boo" do you want to hear in October? Isn't Halloween enough for you?

Well, one thing you can say for Palin - she'll have succeeded where any other guest would fail. She'll make me watch Saturday Night Live this week.

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