Monday, November 3, 2008

Joe The Plumber: Spreading the wealth actually pretty great

As Gawker is reporting courtesy of Inside Edition, Joe the Plumber has been having a little trouble making ends meet of late. Probably because he has been acting as the McCain campaign's foreign policy expert, and not actually, you know, plumbing. Well, it appears that Mr. The Plumber is not earning any money, is actually broke, and as a result is subsisting on the money that magically turns up in his mailbox sent to him by people with more money than he. Sound like anything to you? Go ahead, think about it for a second.

As Mr. The Plumber explained to Inside Edition's Deborah Norville:

"I'm not getting paid for things. It's starting to get hard
to eat,"

On the eve of election day, Joe, a single dad, told INSIDE EDITION he's getting by with help from friends and family, along with donations from well-wishers.

"It's hard being on the receiving end, a little bit of
pride gets in there sometimes," admits Joe.

"So you just go to the mailbox
and there's an envelope with a check in it, written to your name?" marvels Norville.

"Yes ma'am," Joe says.

So, lemme get this straight Joe. You think it's socialism for the government to take money from rich people in the form of taxes that everyone has to pay and give it to everyone including poor people who pay less taxes in the form of services. Ok, you're wrong, but I'm following your logic. But how do you feel about poor people who don't work but instead take money from rich people for free? Spreading the wealth? Socialism? Welfare? Rich people having their hard earned money go to provide food for poor people? Anything ringing a bell here? Anything? Hello? Is this thing on?


Sidecar said...
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Warm Apple Pie said...

No. Apparently this "thing" is not on. Is there a bigger farce than Joe the Plumber? He could be the Republican's S&M Willie Horton. Does anyone like this guy? Does the base really rally around him?

Anonymous said...

it sounds like charity, not obama's brand of socialism.

The difference is we choose, not a benevolent dictator, like barry.

Anonymous said...

its the answer, stupid