Thursday, November 6, 2008

President-Elect, Fix Our Schools

This is disturbing. An elementary school teacher in Asheville, North Carolina brings her politics into the classroom to pollute raw young minds.

While we are fundamentally transforming things, ground zero for change has to be our crumbling public schools, the dearth of quality educators and the engagement of the teachers' unions with tough, frank dialogue.

I found this gem on Michelle Malkin's blog. Of course, she advocates a fair and decent position, then takes it one step too far into absurdity as her mixed-up ideology always demands:

This is ghastly. If you are a parent with elementary schoolchildren, you will hit the roof. A teacher in the Asheville, N.C., school system was caught on tape by Finnish documentarians making a film about Barack Obama’s supporters. The teacher, Diantha Harris, uses the classroom as a propaganda vehicle to shove her politics down the children’s throats.

Watch her bully a little girl who dares to answer “McCain” when asked who she supports for president. The child is the daughter of a soldier. Watch the teacher mock the girl and her father (”So that mean yo’ daddy could stay in Iraq for another hundred years!”). Watch the little girl’s eyes well up in tears. Is this the kind of education reform Barack Obama advocates?

Don't know if the last sentence is a rhetorical question, so I'll answer it to be certain: No.

Always making news, Michelle. Never just reporting it.

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Merge Divide said...


Your link to MM's blog is inoperative.

The only reason I wanted to click on her link was to find out the name of the school, so as to double-check that this is indeed a public school. It looks a bit like a church in that clip in the end.

The funniest part of the video (which by the way, I don't condone) is when she's going around and taking a head count... whenever someone says "McCain" she exclaims "Oh, Jesus" or "Lordy"... comic genius!