Monday, November 3, 2008

November Surprise!

Courtesy of Matt Drudge. He broke the case! Can I change my vote (sent by absentee ballot already)?

This is his leading story. Has the coverage of this campaign brought an end to Drudge? Not that he was ever a respected reporter, but at least he tried to be credible. This is just silly. Someone freeze-frame a wave into a Nazi salute, before it's too late!

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Warm Apple Pie said...

Understand that Matt Drudge provides this clip as his headline story this morning (i.e., Obama flips the bird!) and you realize just how far the Drudge Report has fallen into the Noecon abyss. No longer the anti-establishment conservative watchdog, Matt Drudge devolves into a common two-bit partisan hack lost in the wilderness of his ideological agenda.

Matt recently praised his audience for 13 years of faithful readership gushing "it feels like the beginning." No sir. The final days of this election and your shoddy reports through the Republican prism makes clear we are witnessing the end of an era. Not a rebel anymore, Matt. Just another worn-out company man.