Friday, November 7, 2008

Global Warming?

Overblown? Worse than we think? An excuse to elect Dennis Quaid president?


This party got started over email, and will be replayed in 5 . . . 4 . . . 3 . . . 2 . . 1 . . .

WAP: Radio this morning, Charlie Rose interview of Michael Crichton. Pretty interesting dude. Very learned. From a medical/science background - stated he believes the global temp. will only raise 1/10 of a degree over the next 100 years, believes Global Warming has only a small human component, called many in the GW camp "opportunists" and stated he is not a "catastrophist."

I continue to believe Global Warming has a bit too much hyperbole and not enough hard science. I know this sticks in Bateman's craw, but this is not a world is round, sun is the center of the universe type of revelation yet. It just isn't.

Bateman: Thanks for misstating my position on this issue for the thousand-and-first time.
My stance on this - for the FINAL time - is that I believe global warming is real and has been demonstrated. I think this is a fact that we cannot ignore.

But I actually don't care if people do NOT agree with that. What I can't figure out is why even if you think the Earth is NOT in climate change why you wouldn't invest in green technologies, buy fuel efficient cars, research renewable energy and do something as stupidly small as buying an energy efficient light bulb for your desk lamp. What CANNOT be denied is that having cleaner technology would be better for our air, our water and would render countries like Venezuela, Iran, Iraq and Russia to be far less globally important than they are right now because of the black gold under their feet. And that is unequivocally good.

These are things that even if Global Warming is totally WRONG still benefit us. We had this debate years ago and you said you personally, Warm Apple Pie, would change nothing about the way you live, period, because this situation has been completely overblown and is a hysterical liberal scare tactic.

Stop talking about what sticks in my craw when you - again - misstate what it is that sticks. What sticks is not people being unconvinced. What sticks is people such as you have been about this subject not appreciating that cleaner fuels and higher energy standards benefit us even if Global Warming is 100% bullshit. You don't have to believe in it for it to be beneficial to follow the recommended course of action. But you reject it AND doing anything that would be the smallest departure from your lifestyle. If I still had access to my old email, I would go back and find your borderline insane ranting on this subject from three years ago when we discussed it.

Jack K: And as a well-respected ecological scientist, your conclusions carry a lot of weight. Come on dude, even the Bush administration scientists,who don't even believe in science accept the reality of global climate change.

Sidecar: Doesn't the Global Warming debate really come down to whether the current climate change is man-made or not? The fact that the Earth is warmer now than before is a fact, based on empirical data. But, the issue is whether this is simply part of Earth's cycle and we are in a"warm" period or whether man is responsible for the change.

I have heard, and I can't quote this, that some scientists believe that God created warm periods - its called Hell and you are all going there.

No, seriously, I have heard that some scientists predict that in the next 15-20 years the Earth will enter a "cool" period.

Bateman: I think that's called an Ice Age. I think that's considered to be "bad"

Jack K: If global warming continues unabated, the polar icecaps will all melt,flooding the oceans with fresh water, which will dilute the salinization of the oceans. This will affect the jet stream, which will no longer be able to push warm air across the earth as it doe snow, thus resulting in a dramatic cooling. Ironically, unabated warming will create an ice age. See here for full explanation:

Sidecar: Not an ice age - a couple of degrees

Bateman: Yes. Sort of like The Day After Tomorrow, but, like, not overnight. And Dennis Quaid will not be prominently involved to my knowledge. But, um, it's not a good thing for humanity. The Earth itself - as the George Carlin routine goes, the Earth will survive just fine. We... well,that's a different story. See, if you believe in Intelligent Design, you don't worry about things like global flood, famine and disease or a climate event that could wipe out human civilization. Because the Designer designed us for a reason in His own image, and would never let that happen.

If you're not an idiot, you kinda worry about the forecasts of all coastal areas of the world being flooded in the next 50-100 years. I don't like the idea of Pennsylvania being beachfront property.

WAP: Ah, the mischaracterizer comes out again. I never said I wouldn't change my life patterns and practices because I thought GW was a liberal hoax. I said I'd remain entrenched because I'm seeking the demise of our government and social institutions so I don't have to be a mob accountant anymore. GW, if true, is the only way out.

Shit - Quaid's on board??????
Retract my statements.

EPA believes the global temperature will rise between 2.7 and 7 degrees over the next 100 years. That's a pretty uncertain margin, no? My point (and if you snoop around - ALL scientists concede this) is that there is no reliable metric to determine what we are facing. We're facing something, but there are competing theories on what that something is.
And f**k Al Gore.

Bateman: That is 100% accurate except for the part where it isn't. DP, please do a search through the back emails to this subject if you feel so inclined and show Mr. Hyperbole his prior statements on the matter. Again, for the cheap seats, I don't give a F$%^ if you believe GW is real or not. However, I DO give a f*&% if you don't understand that the potential solutions to the problem benefit us as a society even if GW is 100% false. It would be like saying "religion says love your neighbor as you love yourself. I don't believe in God so I'm going to be a dick."Unequivocally, treating people nicely is something that even if there is no God is a net POSITIVE. Virtue is its own reward.

Jack K: Yes, the range is wide, but the point to focus on is twofold: (a)there is consensus that there will be a rise, (2) a rise of 2.7degrees is a MASSIVE rise, that will affect myriad ecosystems, wipe out large numbers of species, and effect radical change on many environments. A rise of 7 degrees would be cataclysmic.

Bateman: Again - does not MATTER if it is FACT. Doesn't the THEORY that it COULD happen scare the SHIT out of you? Isn't that ENOUGH? Especially when the solution is not cut off a limb or sacrifice your first born on a pyre. It's buying long lasting light bulbs and developing more hybrid engines. I mean, very little is being asked of us. Really, "turn your lights off when you're out" or "buy a fluorescent bulb" - is it really worth quibbling?Why not just do it anyway? The WORST thing that happens is your ConEd bill goes down. That's the WORST possible result.


Warm Apple Pie said...

Try to stay topical - Obama fixed Global Warming this morning. He estimates the financial crisis will be remedied by supper.

Pat Bateman said...
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Pat Bateman said...

I think we can all agree that everything I said was absolutely right and everything else that did not 100% agree with me was absolutely wrong.

Game, set, match.

WAP, you will comment in 5...4...3...

Pat Bateman said...

For the record, I also object to my color selection. I would like a navy blue, or possibly a burnt siena. Just for future reference.

Defective Pants said...

Whatever you say, Mr. Pink.

Jack Knowledge said...

Bateman a/k/a "Mr. Pink" (Nice one, DP) to the extent that what you said comported with what I said, you're correct. To the extent anything you said goes beyond my considered and learned (dare I say, "knowledgeable?") opinion, not so much.

Science is a fact, global warming is a fact, and this muthaeffer is heating up like hour 2 of a swingers party.

Sidecar is going to be sitting in a row boat in 50 years, surrounded by icebergs on on his farm in Iowa, wondering what the hell happened and teaching Intelligent Design to the 10 people left alive.

Pat Bateman said...

Bateman: Can't I be Mr. Black, DP?

DP: No. I pick the names. I tried letting the guys on a blog pick once. It doesn’t work. You get five bloggers fighting over who gets to be Mr. Black.

Jack Knowledge said...

Toby...who the fuck is Toby?

Oh fuck, Toby's that little china

Toby what? What the fuck
was her last name?

Chew? Toby Chew? No.


Not wrong, dumb ass, Wong! You
know, like the Chinese name?

Warm Apple Pie said...

Would I be revealing too much if I told everyone that Pat Bateman is Bill Ayers? Wait . . . did I reveal it in that question? Dammit.

Merge Divide said...

I don't want to be accused of crashing a private party... but I just wanted to note that I liked the format of this post, and hope you use it again for future topics.