Wednesday, November 5, 2008

California Propositions

For our California readers, here is the current rundown of proposition voting with 95% of precincts reporting:

Propositions Precincts reporting: ~95.0%
1A: High-speed rail Yes 52.2% No 47.8%
2: Farm animals Yes 63.2% No 36.8%
3: Children’s hospitals Yes 54.7% No 45.3%
4: Abortion notification Yes 47.6% No 52.4%
5: Drug offenses Yes 40.2% No 59.8%
6: Criminal justice Yes 30.5% No 69.5%
7: Renewable energy Yes 35.1% No 64.9%
8: Gay marriage ban Yes 52.0% No 48.0%
9: Victims’ rights Yes 53.2% No 46.8%
10: Alternative fuels Yes 40.1% No 59.9%
11: Redistricting Yes 50.5% No 49.5%
12: Loans for veterans Yes 63.4% No 36.6%

Crying shame on Prop. 8. You let the Mormons bully you around. What's next? Marriage is between a man and a woman, woman, woman, woman and woman? Crying shame.

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Pat Bateman said...

California, you are fighting against a wave that cannot be defeated by a ballot proposition. If they'd asked if schools should be de-segregated on state propositions, I'll bet that would have been defeated sixty years ago too. Sometimes the will of the majority of the voters should carry the day, and sometimes it should simply remind us that might does not always make right. Gay Americans will have the right to marry in all states. It will not be in some other world or lifetime, but in our own. And when our children learn about a time when gay people could not marry one another, they will look at those that went before them with the same puzzled and disdainful look we offer to video of the White South during the Civil Rights movement. They will see only blind, sad bigots. 53% of you will shrink from your future kin's withering judgmental gaze. But you have only delayed. Unlike Langston Hughes' words, you have delayed - but not denied. You can't and won't deny.