Monday, November 3, 2008


From Bill Dyer at Townhall, lavishing praise on the electorate for their ringing endorsement of sanity and caution in 2004. He prays for similar repose and reflection for tomorrow's voters:

I am not pessimistic. Nor am I filled with a false and foolish confidence, because my team are the underdogs — what an utter non-surprise that is! Every plausible scenario for a McCain-Palin victory this year has included a gut-wrenching Election Day. One day out, we are fortunate indeed that this is by no means a lost cause, and that our side has a real fighting chance.

And right now, in fact, my predominate feeling is of curiosity: I'm intensely curious to see whether the American public will demonstrate again that profound seriousness of purpose it demonstrated in 2004, or whether too many of its members will be seduced by visions of hopey-changitude.

"That profound seriousness of purpose it demonstrated in 2004?!?!?!" Indeed - as profound as Bush's 26% approval ratings. God help us if we are fortunate enough to see the electorate get all serious-at-the-party again in 24 hours.

Now I'm scared again. Dammit. Vote Obama! Vote change we profoundly, seriously, purposefully need!

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