Friday, November 7, 2008

Channeling the Spirits of First Ladies Past

As noted below, President Elect Barack Obama (or as we like to call him in the Pants’ household, PEBO) gave his first presser. Other than calling himself a mutt, which is awesome – I’ve referred to myself in the same way before, it was pretty uneventful. Except for the Nancy Reagan dig. Eh. My only problem is that he got it completely wrong. Nancy Reagan didn’t hold a séance in the White House. She only consulted an astrologer regularly. It was Hillary Clinton that held a séance to channel the spirit of Eleanor Roosevelt. Come on, PEBO, get your facts straight.

Nevertheless, in another Potatoe exclusive, we were able to obtain the audiotape from the séance:

Hillary: Madame First Lady, I need guidance.

The Ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt: Well first off, enough with the pantsuits. Would it kill you to wear skirt once in awhile?

Hillary: Wait? What? Never mind that. I found out about Bill . . .

The Ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt: Hey, he came on to me!

Hillary: He came on to you? What? I don’t . . .

The Ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt: It was late one night. He was gorging on cheeseburgers and porn surfing in the Lincoln Bedroom. I floated by. One thing led to another . . .

Hillary: How could you?

The Ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt: Well, he is very charming.

Hillary: No. I mean how could you? How is that even possible?

The Ghost of Eleanor Roosevelt: Haven’t you seen Ghostbusters? I’m dead, not a dead fish.

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