Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Palin on Election Loss: It's those damned Mexicans

Governor Palin spoke to Fox News, and Fox News studiously avoided trying to make her look stupid. Unfortunately, You Betcha! can't see an open microphone without deep-throating it with her gag-reflex-free ignorance. She said she was not surprised at the GOP loss, considering that it represented the same failed policies of the previous eight years - most of which were the fault of the Republicans. Nice work Sarah. Listen, we all KNOW that's why you lost, but usually right after you lose you don't throw your entire party under the bus in order to exonerate yourself. And on Fox News. I hear that's a popular station for "your folks."

But Naylin Paylin went on to explain a few of her other MENSA level theories for the GOP loss, including their crushing inability to "get the Hispanic vote."

Oh, is that what did you in, Sarah? What braintrust came to that conclusion? Was it that massive Hispanic vote that typically goes Republican in those swing states like, for example, all of them? You guys lost by two hundred electoral votes - you think your inability to get a minority group to vote Republican that doesn't actually typically vote Republican and that lives mostly in states you either DID win or were NEVER going to win was what did it? Funny, if I had to peg any minority group that did you in, I probably would have said it was the African-American vote, and your inability to not have that group vote against you 99% to 1% (figures unofficial). Or the Jewish vote in a swing state like Florida. Jews voted for Obama by a margin approaching 80% to 20% as reported by CNN - an almost unbelievable figure. Sigh. What color is the sky in your world, Sarah?

But you're totally spot-on, as usual, Governor. It's those damned Hispanics. Good thing you don't have none of them up in lilly-white Alaska. They wreck everything.


Warm Apple Pie said...

I'm sort of confused by your post - what are you angry about? I mean it would have helped to have some hispanic votes in states like New New Mexico and Colorado. And throwing the party under the bus is a bad thing, considering the current heads of the party poll at sub 20?

In the words of Jeff Bridges in "Sea Biscuit": Son, what are you so mad about?

Pat Bateman said...

I'm not mad about anything, WAP. I'm pointing out stupidity where stupidity exists.

Hispanic voters would not have turned the tide in this election if they'd voted 100% GOP. New Mexico? Colorado? Bitch, please. They lost by 200 electoral votes.

And throwing your party under the bus when you're trying to curry favor to be the new standard bearer is not exactly what I'd call "savvy." Everyone KNOWS why they lost. You do not need to call her party out in the press. That smacks of "nothing I could have done - the other pricks had already poisoned the well." Those pricks aren't all going away in January, WAP. She's going to need a lot of their help if she's going to pick up the flag and soldier on.

Warm Apple Pie said...

If Palin picks up the flag and we're at war . . . God help us all!!!!

Defective Pants said...

She's just being the mavericky maverick that she is, reforming the post-election expectations, cutting earmarks also, that's what reforming mavericks do and also.