Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Rot From Within: Conservatives Lose Faith

Responses to tonight's debate from Michelle Malkin's readers (ie., the already counted Republican votes on November 4).

From Malkin reader "Danny":

"Sorry to say - during tonight’s debate - all I had to hear was: (1) McCain offer additional housing bailouts in response to the 1st question and, (2) a dedicated lack of confrontation in response to (a) Obama’s ‘Bush = McCain’ rhetoric and, (b) lack of willingness to drive a stake into Fannie Mae + Franklin Gaines + Obama & Democrats - that I had to fight myself from turning the TV off.
Clearly - the wrong Republican on the ticket was out there tonight.

In love with a lipsticked pig???? ahahhahahaha. Wait till I tell the boys in marketing!

What about all of McCain’s talk about “victory”? It matters in Iraq, but not in Michigan, not in tonight’s debate?

Gov Palin sounds like more of the leader I am looking for - not someone to call me “friend” - but someone to show me some fight. If I feel this way - I wonder what our servicemen and servicewomen in Iraq and Afghanistan will think about when they see this performance and truly study it with a critical eye?

Take the gloves off - and put on the brass knuckles.

I will still vote for the McCain-Palin ticket - but only because Gov Palin is on it. Truly, I feel sorry for her. At least she FIGHTS. Sen. McCain’s performance tonight was more like Captain Hazelwood of the Exxon Valdez - playing slalom with icebergs."

Comment: Wow, if Palin "sounds like more of the leader you are looking for," not only do I worry about this election if I'm an ardent conservative, but with more exigency the future of the Republican party. "In what respect, Charlie?" In respect to the general neocon "escape-to-the-exits" and the separation of the varied constituencies under the so-called "big tent."

Uh oh: Another lost soul:

"We are four weeks until the Election and the only one speaking the Truth about Obama is Sarah Palin. McCain isn’t getting his message out thru the Treason Media’s filters. Obama’s ACORN cronies are rounding up homeless people to commit voter fraud in Ohio already. With conservatives already leery of McCain and only staying interested because of patriotism and Palin, the longer he shuffles along, the more likely this “imperfect servant’s” last public act will be to deliver the United States into the hands of the fascists and communists that he once fought against and suffered under. I wonder if he even knows how badly he is failing - not only himself, but his country?"

Comment: "Saying goodbye, why is it sad? Makes the country remember the absolutely f**ked up times it had - Iraq, torture, political firings at the justice department, Katrina, subprime meltdown, wiretapping, prescription drug bill, economic "stimulus" checks, September 11, Harriet Miers, "Mission Accomplished," Afghanistan. You're in my heart, so until January 20th. It's time for saying goodbye."
I feel dirty behaving like the liberal ideologues around me (Defective Pants), but something about it feels good right now. Trust me - you give me more personal freedom, lower taxes matched with lower government spending, a renewed interest in building a streamlined military relying on technology, a determined space program and an emphasis on quasi-privatization of entitlements done the right way, my personal pendulum will swing towards the middle once again.

But not this cycle.

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