Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Democrats Show Scrap?!?! Check. Moon Turns Blood Red? Check.

The Democrats are circling the wagons like it's 1996. Since when does the antiseptic partisan Left have any spunk. Wow.

You better have a whole Michael Vick compound of lipsticked pitbulls, Republicans. Folks are willing to "throw" on this one.

Posted by Warm Apple Pie.

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Defective Pants said...

Baaaaa. Hannity is a dispacble human being. That being said, the Obama rep dropped the ball and let Hannity shout him down. Hannity needs to be insulted when given the opportunity on live TV. He is nothing but a propoganda merchant for the RNC, and that needs to be said. Would it have been so hard to say "Obama is not 'buddies' with Ayers." Just say it. How about touting the benefits of the charity where they say on the board together, and saying that it's not worth giving up on an important charity to protest the membership on the board? Ayers is a dirtbag, no doubt, but everyone is losing site of the big picture when putting up a defense.