Thursday, October 9, 2008

Humanity in the Ranks

Here's part two of the McCain-Palin Mob video. And here the condescension of the liberal videographer becomes apparent (I am above these country bumpkins).

Right, all Republicans are dumb and congregate in a mindless hoards to hate blacks, gays and minorities. And here the unctuous liberal videographer of the "Mob" has an immense axe to grind. C'mon - you had certain folks being absolutely lucid in their response to the "you think Obama is a terrorist" lead-in, responding "no" and leaning on his association with Ayers (I'm not saying its a valid logical end, but reflects logical processes at work from those "dumb" Republicans), yet you keep plugging away looking for worthy clips for predetermined ends.

I look to my left. I look to my right. All I see are demagogues. All I see are inciters.

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Defective Pants said...

Humanity in the Ranks, or Hannity in the Ranks?