Wednesday, October 8, 2008

17,999,997 Cracks in the Glass Ceiling, Hillary. These Three Votes Shouldn't Count

Ah, Hillary supporters . . . on an ATV.

With Obama approaching a double digit lead in national polls and an seemingly insurmountable electoral college advantage, and with the McCain campaign getting increasingly desperate, I fear these final weeks could descend into race-baiting and crudely regress to the demonization of the black candidate with the funny-sounding Arab name painted as the radical leader of political miscegenation.

You can see the hints of it already from surrogates. I would hope that McCain would choose defeat over an inflammatory, treacherous win and put a stop to the nonsense before it gets out of control.

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Defective Pants said...

Yikes. Susan Sarandon has lost her mind! Sweet ride, though. P.S. - Even she knows Spain is an ally.