Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Blog of William Charles Ayer

Trolling the Internet for information on Bill Ayers, former head of the radical left wing organization the "Weather Underground, which orchestrated a series of bombings on government buildings in the early seventies, and whose connection to Barack Obama has come under fire from the Republicans in the past four days?

Oh, you're not? What's that? You're watching Real World/Road Rules: The Island? Um . . . well. Sorry to interrupt you then.

When the show ends (see, I'm DVR'ing it - Wednesday's rotation is The Island and Project Runway and I would gladly vote for Sarah Palin in exchange for Kenley's long-awaited "Auf Viedersehn" from fraulein Klum), why don't you measure the man, the purportedly sable silhouette of Mr. Ayers at his blog:

Some intriguing posts by Mr. Ayers - some from his own voice. I found this tidbit worthy of comment from a post dated January 30, 2008 written reflexively to President Bush's final State of the Union address:

"The picture is grim: Empire resurrected in the name of a renewed and powerful jingoistic nationalism; war without end; identification of opaque and ill-defined enemies as a unifying cause; unprecedented and unapologetic military expansion and militarism of the entire society; white supremacy essentially intact and unyielding; the entangling of religion with government; the shredding of constitutional rights, the casual disregard for human rights, and the systemic hollowing out of democracy; corporate power unchecked and the ideology of the market promoted as the only true expression of democracy; fraudulent elections; a steady drumbeat of public secrets — obvious lies issued by the powerful, like 'we don’t torture,' whose purpose is both future deniability as well as evidence of power’s ability to have its way regardless of law or popular will . . ."

Makes you want to blow something up, huh? (Note: I can make this joke and avoid P.C. vilification simply because all of Ayers's erstwhile pyrotechnics resulted in no human death or harm - Ayers's claims an outcome by design - though I am horrified that he is not in prison and somehow resides in the lofty corridors of Chicago academia, and generally held in high regards. Only Professor Orenthal James Simpson being appointed Faculty Emeritus at USC's College of Criminology could disturb me more).
Dispatching levity for a moment, the blog is worth a gander.

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