Friday, December 5, 2008

Yes We Can . . . Tank Our Professional Aspirations

27-year-old wunderkind John Favreau (no relation to the eponymous Vince Vaughn pilot fish), valedictorian of Holy Cross's class of 2003 and current chief speechwriter for President-Elect Barack Obama, may have to dig deep into his formidable bag of words to orate his way out of this candid mess - groping the right boob of our future Secretary of State's life size cutout while his co-conspirator plies the victim with a Heineken.

Hmmm, looking for a six-letter word, starts with an "f", ends with an "ed", describing Favreau's situation at Rahm Emanuel's Monday morning staff meeting.

Described by the Washington Post as "immensely talented," and with his proclamation as "immensely stupid" by the right-stream media pending, Favreau had nothing to say in response to questions about his erotic-partying with the corrugated folds of Clinton's paper-power teet. Suckling on the metaphorical power teet is permitted, but caressing its cardboard replication could be career suicide!

John, you've got a cocky grin going in this photo, but clearly you haven't completed the training. The force is strong with you, precocious political insider, but you are not a legitimate power broker yet. You never give them color, young padawan. Rob Lowe's character in "The West Wing" unwittingly humped a hooker in the pilot episode, but the romp never yielded photographic evidence.

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