Saturday, November 22, 2008

Obama to Reboot WPA

Barack Obama is looking towards our collective future while borrowing from our past, apparently. The last time this country was in such a financial downward spiral, a visionary named Franklin - the to-that-point far lesser known fifth cousin of an older and bolder dude named Teddy - became president and rammed through quasi-Socialist legislation to turn this country into a pseudo-Socialist regime. Or so some like to Monday Morning Quarterback still, seventy years later. So, fittingly, pinko-Communist President-Elect Obama is reaching into the past and taking a page directly from FDR's "get us the hell out of this not-so-Great Depression" playbook. Obama announced his economic plan... and I feel like I've heard it before:

President-elect Barack Obama promoted an economic plan Saturday he said would create 2.5 million jobs by rebuilding roads and bridges and modernizing schools while developing alternative energy sources and more efficient cars.

Building roads? Building bridges? Modernization projects? Flying cars? Sounds to me like the Works Progress Administration, Version 2.008 (never heard of it? Educate thyself here).

Well, sounds well and good, Barack. But let's not forget that the Great War, not the WPA, was ultimately responsible for finally kicking the dust off of American industry and throttling the Great Depression. Not that the WPA (and its other be-acronym'd cousins) didn't build some great roads, bridges and dams. And if I get my flying car technology, then it's a raging success. But it does beg the question:

So, President-Elect-Comrade Obama... if we're really reliving the Great Depression, who are we going to attack to get out of it?


Warm Apple Pie said...

Not so cut and dry. WWII vs. government work programs.

Reid said...

Oh yeah, I'm sure those guys who were feeding their families by being a part of the WPA projects were complaining that it just wasn't enough. And the war? (Why didn't FDR jest start there?) It couldn't have been a mass exodus of people that were draining the limited resources or that many didn't come back that helped smooth things out.

Fuck it Obama! If ya'lls ain'ts got a war in yer pocket then keep yer government handouts that have to be earned by helping to rebuild a crumbling infrastructure, asshole!

Mebbe he should take that 700 billion and divy it up between all Americans over 18. That should come out to somewhere around $400,000 each and then we'll alls be rich bitch! I mean if he really wants to help 'n' alls.

Anonymous said...

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